The Shaking Collection

For everybody who wants to co-create a future that is about aliveness instead of suffering.

Looking for a daily energy boost?

Wanna feel more alive in your everyday business?

Wanna use stress and triggers for MORE energy
(instead of being depleted)?

You're longing for practical tools to create more inner freedom and happiness – no matter what?

The Shaking Collection is a series of powerful concrete practices to fuel your aliveness. 


#ShakingUpThePowerOfShaking consists of 5 modules with video and downloadable audio journeys for you to shake up the power of ...  










#ShakingOfThePowerOfShaking is a self paced online journey with super concrete audios and videos that can truly shift how you handle your triggers and challenges.

Come and join the growing shaking movement!

Turn your turn-offs into joy and freedom!

  Introductory Price: 115€

Sales tax included, where applicable.

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"Before and during the shaking I was very aware of my trauma of feeling alone, like an outcast. Today I feel hope and happiness, because I deeply believe that we can be part of the so needed change in and for the world with our courageous and intense will to feel and connect deeply into trauma – with the shaking."

Participant of #ShakingEvents


Ilan Stephani is a Berlin-based researcher, bodyworker and author about how to shift collective paradigms, un-learn cultural conditioning and gain back our natural orgasmic aliveness.

She walks the talk with endless curiosity, humor and ongoing research in the fields of Embodiment | HealthSexuality | Trauma | Mysticism.

Ilan gained nation-wide attention with her bestselling book »Skin and Games – What Sexwork Taught Me About Love«. Ilan shares her work in both German and English, and online as well as in person.

"I cried, felt angry, compassionate, sad, alive, desperate… And I clearly could feel how helpful and releasing it was (and is), to move and shake with all these feelings and to hear you, dear Ilan, with all your joy, your tears, your compassion and empathy for all living beings."

Participant of #ShakingEvents

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