#SexAndEssence Level 1

An Intense Somatic Journey for Men


The journey from cultural norms
to your own sexual essence.

#SexAndEssence Level 1 is an intense somatic online process - exclusively for men - to release sexual conditioning and to reclaim their own sexual essence, power and truth.

We work with a unique blend of different energetic, somatic, sexual and traditional methods from tantra, modern trauma research, breath work to scientific knowledge around gender, sexuality and pelvic floor anatomy. Additionally we are also exploring collective sexual shadows, flow states and ecstasy.

6 Modules (PLUS 1 Bonus Section) full of movement and curiosity, power and vulnerability, questioning and experiencing instead of performing. Full of vibrant aliveness instead of wearing our cultural-sexual masks.

#SexAndEssence Level 1 is for you, if you...

... want a powerful and radically self-responsible way to get to know yourself from a new perspective – free from role models and sexual clichés.
... are ready to question old sexual self images and to exchange your comfort zone of believe systems for an open adventure of vulnerability and essence.

Read more about »Sex and Essence« in this post here.  

What you'll learn (amongst other things) on this journey:

• How to let sexual energy flow instead of constricting it
• How to be more tuned in and present as a lover
• The power and essence of sexual shadow work
• How to use sexual “problems” for real transformation instead of using it for shame and self critique
• How to free yourself from old belief systems, cultural prohibitions and taboos
• How to un-learn feelings of guilt and shame connected to sexuality
• Contemporary and individual definitions of masculinity and sexuality
• How to separate orgasm and ejaculation – and how not to ;)
• How to turn orgasm into ecstasy
• How you can contribute concretely to a happy sexual future on this planet…
• How sex becomes a full body experience, that you can feel everywhere in your body and that is a new experience every time…
• How sex becomes a full body experience, that you can feel anywhere and keep getting to know it from a new perspectives


"A lively seminar leader, who surprises again and again with the question “what if you are NOT responsible for the pleasure of your partner?” For anyone who wishes to experience his point of reference from a new perspective in order to transform it."

Participant of #SexAndEssence Level 1

Before you apply, please note...

#SexAndEssence consciously breaks old role images. Meaning, all sexual orientations and all possible facets of “masculinity” are welcome. I just use the word “men” to less complicate my sentences.

2In #SexAndEssence there is no nudity.

3#SexAndEssence is for men and lead by a woman. If you know this fact will automatically and fundamentally trigger you - then this seminar is NOT for you.

4#SexAndEssence is dedicated to a new approach of sexuality - a path that is surprising and challenging and disappoints many projections towards sex. I should say: the seminar consists of bone work instead of wellness. Please be prepared for this challenge.

5 | #SexAndEssence is NOT a sexual healing seminar. If you currently suffer from symptoms of sexual trauma, please connect with an experienced sexual trauma therapist. I recommend Somatic Experience Therapists. 

Investment: 530 €

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