Somatic Online Journey for Women

»We don’t need to learn about ecstasy. We need to unlearn anything that got in its way!«


Sex - that’s a woman’s domain.

It goes without saying that women are sexual geniuses.

Women … we are these creatures of overflowing sensations. Embodied ecstasy. Made for excessive, fearless, timeless devotion to pleasure. Deeply orgasmic and highly potential nervous systems.

And among everything that we are capable of as women, this is what we excel at: Shining sexually!

But wait a minute. Doesn’t our story unfold differently?

Aren’t we...

… always bitching around, never satisfied in bed?
… entangled in inner and outer contradictions around what we don’t want sexually, and what we want instead?
… hysterical, frigid and moody, aggressive and unclear, stressed and confused?

Hm, ladies, wouldn’t our partners and the rest of the world be better off if we were different sexually?

No, they wouldn’t.

Because the problem is not how we ARE as sexual beings.
The problem is what we learned about sex.


And what did we learn about sex?

Well, this and that. How about 4000 years of patriarchy and trauma, shame and silence, of misunderstood goddesses and gods, abused prayers, false conceptions, stress and double standards – all of which are lying right next to us in bed?

By the way, the rest of your mattress is free to experience ecstasy…
Our sexual history as a culture is a sad one indeed. And a long one.

If any of us is born into this culture as a clever, sensitive girl who intuitively knows how abundant her own body can be, full of pleasure and aliveness – and if she then applies her awakeness in the realm of sexuality, inevitable collision will follow:

4000 years of sexual brainwashing meet the unfiltered and fearless truth of a sexual body.

This is the most important and potentially healing meeting in this world. And the most dangerous.


The question is:

Where does energy flow as conditioning meets embodied wisdom?
Will it turn against our bodies’ wisdom – or against our conditioning?

At this point, women usually decide accordingly how culture taught them: They themselves are the problem. (“And I am the biggest problem of all!”)

In other words: They tend to direct this energy against themselves. As a reflexive response, women search for what’s wrong with themselves, thus protecting the very conditioning that they suffer from.

That’s the wrong direction.

It isn’t our body who’s failing us. Our conditioning is.

The fact that millions, even billions of people follow this conditioning, doesn’t change the simple truth that your body knows more about sex than any film, any image, any word, and any so called ‘truth’. 

#OrgasmOfPeace is unique as it tackles this exact conditioning. 

Who am I to dare teach this?

It’s been a long journey. And it started the same way that any great journey starts: Not being able to stand the status quo anymore.

For 15 years, I dug through the thicket of misunderstandings, I questioned countless beliefs, I was as disrespectful and »different« as possible, I cast down gods and goddesses from their thrones and cleansed my body-temple from the rocks that culture threw into my way. Now, I got a pleasant wildcat and find myself in a new sexual world – clean, liberated, and so much more beautiful.

This is the world that I offer sharing with you.

Here's what I believe:

Sexuality, YOUR sexuality, will free itself in quantum leaps. It will return to its essence and heal and celebrate itself, the more you remove what got in its way.

Because we don't need to learn about ecstasy. Instead, we need to dissolve anything that got in its way!


And this, Ladies, is the Somatic Journey of #OrgasmOfPeace !!

A large scale clean-up for Tigresses showing teeth.

In 3 modules (PLUS 1 Bonus Section)...and happily ever after... #OrgasmOfPeace radically transforms your mindset and norms about sex
from upside down to right side up. 

Welcome to the ground.

What we'll cover:

  • »Hollywood-Detox« – I guess you know what I mean :-)
  • How to sense and communicate your boundaries – and why rage is crucial to pleasure!
  • How to engage in sexuality in a way that supports your embodiment, instead of dissociating
  • How to navigate individual and collective trauma – without bypassing or whitewashing it, and without taking it as a reason to postpone your life to »some time later«
  • How to embrace feelings of shame and guilt
  • How to re-establish an intimate, loving relationship with your sexuality and your yoni
  • How »sex« can be enriching your everyday life in any given situation
  • Some anatomy: Why safety, trust, and surrender are bodily phenomena, not mental or emotional
  • What orgasms are beyond the 1001 myths we were told – and why orgasms are not »the problem«
  • Timely, life-affirming definitions of pleasure, sexuality, relationship, and love
  • How to pass on a happier and more healed world to our children

#OrgasmOfPeace closes the gap between sex education and Tantra workshops. We don’t focus on a one-time blissful experience. Instead, you are supported in establishing a concrete, nourishing direction for your personal journey.

#OrgasmOfPeace is designed for women with the capacity and willingness to use information to take responsibility and move forward on their own learning journey. The online training is ideal for women who want to become intimate with as well as cultivate their sexuality independently from a partner or relationship.

Let's go Ladies!

"All the time I knew it was about my body, about my sexuality, about rage, about guilt and shame and best even about dance. And probably the root of all of this is ancient… I can’t believe how precious your work is. Ilan, I thank you from my deepest parts - for your courage, your rage, your tenderness and your ruthless curiosity. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

#OrgasmOfPeace – Participant

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"To participate in #OrgasmOfPeace was due to my relationship to my sexuality. But what surprised me the most: form the first minute on, from the first exercise on, my system gave me a signal that this is more then just about my sexuality. This is about my self empowerment in all life circumstances."

#OrgasmOfPeace – Participant

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