Challenging P0rn – Exclusively For Men


#HardcoreEmbodiment is a unique and powerful series of practices - unfolding a fundamentally new approach to p0rn and to your own sexuality.

#HardcoreEmbodiment consists of 5 modules, each featuring videos and audio journeys with concrete instructions for your personal process.

#HardcoreEmbodiment aims to set you free in terms of p0rn* on all levels and offers new dimensions of your experience.


#HardcoreEmbodiment has 5 intentions:

#1 | Gaining a fundamentally new understanding of p0rn (and why you might consume it).
#2 | Un-learning shame and guilt around p0rn and sexual fantasies.
#3 | Re-awakening your innate sexual sensitivity and real sexual intensity.
#4 | Stopping the loss of energy through un-orgasmic ejaculation.
#5 | Re-gaining TRUE inner freedom and choice around porn.


#HardcoreEmbodiment is for you, if ...

  • you invest more time and energy into p0rn than you would like to invest
  • p0rn distorts your sexual fantasies towards brutality
  • your consumption of p0rn has developed a negative spiral that you wish to stop
  • you are worried about your image of women
  • you feel trapped in a loop of frustration and secrets
  • p0rn connects your sexuality to self-doubt and shame
  • you want to free yourself from feeling guilty
  • you want to unleash your inner sexual essence
  • you are curious about a totally new perspective on porn and sexual shadow work
  • you feel like joining a world premiere and being ready for some sexual pioneer work and ecstatic next level stuff


You’ll need:

  • an undisturbed space where you can watch p0rn and where you feel safe and won't be disturbed
  • access to minimum 2 hrs of p0rn material that works for you. Ideally, clips and compilations that are at least 10 minutes long, so that you are NOT distracted by switching between the scenes
  • the commitment to invest 20 minutes AT LEAST every other day in your physical and sexual practice over the course of #HardcoreEmbodiment
  • curiosity for REAL change…
  • a HELL YES for true sexual research!


»P0rn« is a collective term. Not only men watch porn, and not only straight men. But heterosexual mainstream porn has by far the biggest market share in terms of production, money and consumerism. To find a way through this complexity, #HardcoreEmbodiment focuses on heterosexual mainstream p0rn. If you do not identify with this kind of sexuality and gender, please translate the tools of #HardcoreEmbodiment into your own perspective! Just be prepared that my language might address the topics in a simplified way, without meeting the actual sexual diversity.


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"This course helped me to give more space to my (masculine) sexuality. To focus on my entire body instead of concentrating my sexuality on my genitals. At the same time I have become aware through this course how much shame and guilt accumulates in my body and how much it blocks my sexuality. The practices have supported me to bring my energy back into flow.
It was a very healing experience for me to see how many men are working on the same themes like me and try to bring their energy back into motion."

Participant of #HardcoreEmbodiment


Ilan Stephani is a bestselling author and somatic mystic, an abundant source of inspiration, and a powerful and loving question mark for our current cultural paradigms. Her points of view on burning topics of this era are challenging, ever-surprising and provocative, turning our belief systems upside down. Her research explores the fields of embodiment, trauma, sexuality, health and mysticism in order to support individual and collective change.

Ilan gained nation-wide attention in Germany with her bestselling book »Skin And Games – What Sexwork Taught Me About Love« – an analysis about her experiences of prostitution in the context of society. Her book is also available as Kindle eBook in English.

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